TutuApp Has Been Fixed On iOS ?

As TutuApp team mentioned,they have been announced that TutuApp has been fixed.Android device users did not face on this problem and they were used TutuApp as same as previous.This investigation about TutuApp on iOS functionality.Let’s see this on a practical manner.Therefore you can try this on your device using our TutuApp official website.Aftermath of you can decide whether TutuApp fixed or not.

We can ensure 100% that TutuApp VIP is working perfectly on Apple iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch devices.But we couldn’t reinstall TutuApp regular free version properly.The alternative version of TutuApp regular free version,TutuApp Lite is still on the theater.When we try to launch TutuApp Lite,we prompted up a message as bellow.

Where we recommend to try this several times if it will not be worked at your first try.We sure that TutuApp will be fixed in next few days for it’s users.We suppose that developers are trying to apply some newer features and security updates on TutuApp.This will be grateful for it’s users to use a protected third party app store on their devices.

What are the predictable new features on Upcoming TutuApp?

  • High secured security updates
  • User interface will be change
  • Users can be change the Theme of this TutuApp
  • Users can share apps and games
  • No need to pay for your apps/games

Please use provided download link to download or upgrade current version of TutuApp.Then you can realize the real situation around this amazing third party app store.Thank you for joining with us so far and we do hope that you will share your ideas with us too.

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